For All Mankind

I binged For All Mankind not long ago and found it intriguing and interesting. It’s an alternate history of the moon race where the Russians get to the moon first and the US plays catch-up.

The alternate history is interesting but not spectacular. Given that in this version it spurs both countries to put bases on the moon, one almost wishes this had been true.

One thing that kind of bugged me was two of the actresses cast—one was very much a version of Julia Roberts. That’s not her fault, she just reminds you of her. She’s also cast in The Boys, so. The female NASA scientist kind of felt like she was trying too hard to be Jodie Foster in Contact, but maybe that’s just me.

Some sensitive topics such as homosexuality, race and misogyny were touched on but not too deeply. Perhaps the deepest character trait was the commitment to duty. I believe it echoed what those in that field felt back then and still feel now.

It did make me wonder how we haven’t been back to the moon since Apollo. Pretty amazing how quickly the space race was given up once it wasn’t a race any more.

It has been renewed for a new season, which appears to be about who will get to Mars first.  Meanwhile, in the real world . . . .