As I started watching the Deadwood movie it was more than a bit depressing. This was for personal reasons. Personally, it reminded me of binging the entire series with our youngest son during the last time we saw him. Also, many of the characters looked so old. Too old for just ten years to have passed.

But then I started getting back into the world and the oddly phrased sentence structure and the characters, who remained true to who they were: Bullock’s anger, Swearingen’s plotting, etc.

After the debacle of the third season, I was wondering how they would pull everything together, especially the bad taste of Hearst “winning”.

It was done and done well. It’s sad that the two most decent characters in the show, Ellsworth and Charlie Utter fell under the machinations of Hearst. But in the end, most of the characters ended up where they should be.

Molly Parker did a great job as Alma Ellsworth and her feelings for Bullock hadn’t cooled in the years apart. Calamity and Joanie Stubbs was intriguing. And Bullock was finally ‘home’ which was shown subtly throughout and then at the end.

I did wonder what Swearingen would do, but without revealing too much, I feel it ended on the right tone with him.

As a writer I liked how the loops were closed. Calamity received some redemption; Bullock initially gave into his anger but then made the right choice; Trixie and Saul!

Highly recommended! Cool Gus gives it four paws up.