Numbers are spiking in 21 states—reported numbers, which in many of those states is far below the real numbers. Most of the states are red and downplaying the pandemic in accordance with what their supreme commander desires. There’s even going to be a rally in OK. Seriously. The attitude is that “it’s over” but it’s still here. There’s no vaccine. Hundreds die daily. Yet it no longer dominates the news coverage. We have protests that also are vectors of spread both for the protestors and law enforcement.

Among those who still care, there is a sense of unreality in the air, along with tear gas and pepper spray from balls (pepper btw is a chemical).

There is no doubt the use of masks slows the spread. Here, I’d estimate a third of people are wearing some sort of mask. For the rest, this is over. Done.

Which makes it a very dangerous time for the rest of us.

What we’re facing is a second wave spiking on top of the crested numbers of the first wave. While New York City and some other centers that locked down for a significant period of time, many other places are cresting. Especially in areas that aren’t equipped to handle it.

On the positive side, I am heartened at the pushback against this administration’s overt racism. General Milley said he was wrong to participate in the events of Trump’s photo op after peaceful protestors were illegally attacked. Trump’s ploy to politicize the military seems to have failed; for now. We’re seeing the Confederate battle flag rightfully banned in many places. It is a symbol of racism and treason. We’re seeing a strong push to rename military posts that currently are named after losing traitors. I’ve been stationed at Fort Benning, Fort Hood and Fort Bragg and never understood why they had those names. Not only were those men traitors, they were shitty generals.

Let’s stay safe and as positive as we can be in dark times.

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