The note is what Eisenhower penned in case the D-Day landings failed.

The most obvious part of it is that he was going to take complete responsibility. No passing the buck. No “I’m not responsible at all”.

The second is that he was prepared for the contingency of failure. That’s key. He knew the awesome responsibility of his decision. People tend to forget that Eisenhower never saw combat firsthand. He didn’t deploy during the First World War and his rise was so fast after the onset of WWII that he never had a field command. Pretty amazing when you think of it. In a way, he was more a politician than a military strategist. His amazing skill was making disparate egos come together for a common goal. He commanded the greatest army the world has ever seen, composed of numerous countries.

Most importantly, he was a true leader.

We’ll be getting back to survival topics soon; because the second wave is ahead and other natural disasters seem to be blossoming.

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