When I watched Contagion years ago, I thought it was reasonably well done but really underestimated the degree of societal breakdown that such a pandemic would cause.

COVID-19 isn’t at that level. Yet. I doubt it will, but from the beginning I’ve been talking about the two heads of the dragon: the virus and the economic fallout. We are just at the beginning of the latter. Actually, we’re also on the upslope of the former, also, despite states prematurely opening up. But they’re opening up because of the latter. A devil’s bargain.

Yes, we need to open, but we need to do it smartly. So far, its being completely bungled by governors who aren’t listening to the science.

I thought The Road was really more of an over the top morale tale, rather than anything representing a real post-apocalyptic scenario. A shopping cart is the best you can do? Really? Seriously? Cutting limbs off people to eat but keeping them alive? Um, since when do hunters do that to prey?

I digress. Last night we watched a movie that was somewhere in between. It starred Chris Pine and I’d never heard of it. My wife is the expert at finding obscure movies and documentaries. I have no doubt Xfinity is tracking her. She found Carriers, which is a version of The Road with four people.

It’s about reality and hard choices. Most of these are choices people have never thought about. It’s what we did in Special Forces during Isolation before going on a mission. Asking the hard questions: What do we do with a non-ambulatory wounded? What do we do when (not it) we got uncovered by locals? And so on.

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