I studied World War I at West Point. We all know about the Great Depression that began in 1929. But the 1920s? All I know really is they were called the “Roaring Twenties”. I always assumed that after the horror of World War I (truly, truly horrible beyond description) and the Lost Generation, everyone just kind of partied.

I didn’t realize that even more than the horror of WWI, the reason people partied was because of the 1918 Flu, which actually lasted two years and killed anywhere from 20 to 50 million people. No one really knows the true cost. But it was vicious. Trump’s own grandfather went out for a walk one day, came home, didn’t feel well, and was dead that night.

I think after the double whammy of the war and that pandemic, people went a little nuts. They got almost a decade of it, then the Great Depression slammed everyone and it pretty much lasted until World War II. What can you say? That sucked.

People are going a little nuts now. And we’ve got another Great Depression upon us. So we won’t get the Roaring Twenties. We’re still in the pandemic’s early stage. I know states are opening, but wait until they get slammed like New York City was. We’re in the even earlier stage of Greater Depression (should we call it that?) or GDII?

The United State is dealing with the pandemic far worse than my worst nightmares. Feel free to disagree but point me toward the Federal plan for this? We don’t have one because our leader refuses to take any responsibility. Hey, he even said it. So don’t blame me. Seriously, folks, there’s no hidden agenda. All the crap is out in the open. And a third of the country is cheering it. So.

We’ll be well over 100,000 dead by the end of May. Probably much higher than that. When it was only a couple of hundred one of my West Point classmates called an article I posted on Facebook about the ways this could play out “a load of crap”. I wonder if he still feels that way? I still see people on social media even claiming the virus is a hoax. Of course, the president called it that too and now he’s saying our numbers are “great”. I kinda don’t know what that means. Today he’s tweeting that he’s happy a sadistic, murderous dictator in North Korea is healthy. So. I mean it’s not subtle or hidden folks.

Our Federal response to the Great Depression we are entering is pathetic. The same old litany of the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

It’s gonna be bad. There will be no return to normal. We didn’t return to normal after 9-11 and that only directly affected a handful of Americans when you look at the reality of it. This is affecting everyone.

Forget your preconceived notions. We will survive, but we must change our outlook. We must accept that for profit healthcare, for profit war and for profit pandemic, kills people. Life is not about profit. It’s about people. Let us cherish each other and not give in to the hate.

Stay safe. Stay as positive as you can be in dark times. Be like Cool Gus. Or even Scout.

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