Lots of closures, some optional, many mandatory. Without clear Federal oversight, states and local governments are doing what they can.

I drove to the woods yesterday for my hike with Scout and noticed a lot less traffic than normal. However, Univ of TN is on Spring Break, so that accounts for some of it. I don’t anticipate seeing the students back until maybe the summer, but realistically the fall.

We still have a percentage of the population who think this is some kind of hoax or not very serious. I still see people saying the “flu kills more people” thing. So here is the page with my free slideshow on myth busting; along with a bunch of other survival information you’ll find useful. Putting it succinctly: we are in a shitstorm.

The map is courtesy of the NY Times, which has dropped its paywall for coronavirus news, so go to the source. This is reported (which is far less than what’s really happening– note the big blank for West Virginia, because they haven’t reported anyone even tested! As of 16 March. This morning!

I’m updating my free preparation and survival slideshows as fast as I can. One problem is some of the things I recommend in terms of supplies and gear from Amazon are already sold out, so I’ve been searching for equivalents and substituting.

I’m of two minds now. One is hopeful that we will pull together and make it through. I see positive glimmers. There are many great people out there. Dedicated professionals who will sacrifice everything, including their lives.

We’re facing a disastrous trifecta: a pandemic, an economic meltdown and incompetent leadership. I’d feel a lot better if it was just 2 of 3.

My not so hopeful side fears the combination of those events will lead to fracturing. Already, I see profiteering; sadly from the very top. There are those who see this pandemic as an opportunity to make money. We already have for-profit healthcare, which is going to really hurt us in the next few months. We have for-profit war, which has kept us in unwinnable conflicts longer than ever before. Now it seems there are those who see for profit pandemic. Not sustainable. Criminal in the worst sense of the word. Murderers.

Anyway. My not so hopeful side is also the side that flourished in Special Forces. It also tends to be realistic. We are not prepared for a pandemic at every level. What preparation we had at the federal level was dismantled by the current administration. Please—this is not political or partisan. This is reality. We need to accept it and get smart. Right now that means ISOLATE. If you absolutely have to go out, do it smartly. For example, if you have to get gas, use a paper towel when using the pump, then disinfect your hands. That sounds simple, but it’s a quick way this virus can spread to hundreds of people. Expand that concept to everything. Touch everything as little as possible. Use your knuckles, not your finger tips. Disinfect. Wash hands. Wash hands. Don’t touch your face. Keep your distance from people. Cough into your elbow, not your hand. Then you have to wash your clothes. And your hands.

Beyond that, I’ll post more on where things could go as we get further in. But I’m already prepared for that, now getting a bit more organized. But at the very least, try to be prepared to live isolated in your home for a month. Water will not be a problem for all those I see loading up with cases of water—this is one of the few disasters where it’s not a priority. Your taps should still work. If they stop—well, I’ll cover that in a future post. Go for canned soups, pasta, beans, rice, cereal, etcetera. Fill your freezer. It might be bland, but its food. Don’t forget your pets. Get enough dog for that time period.

Use click and pick up for the supermarket, which is what most of them should go to as the only way to shop soon. If you have neighbors, particularly older isolated people, call them on the phone and order for them and then pick up. Leave the food outside their door. This ability to do things remotely can be one part of the glimmer that saves us.

Be safe, people!

More to come.

The Green Beret Preparation and Survival Guide