Okay, a little too much Westworld. But really? We haven’t evolved very far. That’s what Westworld is all about. The old classic Battlestar Galactica question: who is better? Us or the machines? A scary part was last season when Dolores found that one of secrets to Westworld was they were coding all the guests. And humans were simple to code. There was a library of the codes for people and the books were rather slim. We’re really predictable. In fact, the only way to change our code is to accept we’re coded. But a lot of religious dogma and most people think we have free will. Only by accepting we actually don’t, do we. If that makes sense.

Okay, I did also watch 12 Monkeys last night so I think between Brad Pitt being crazy and Bruce Willis traveling in time and Westworld and the current world situation my brain is having a bit of a reality check problem. Plus I write fiction, some of it rather odd. One of my strangest books, about what is reality, is The Fifth Floor, which while part of the Time Patrol series, can stand alone in a way. Multiple points of view, shifting time, dreams, reality, what is which? Inspired by the classic, which my wife and I bonded over when we met as we both had it: The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. Try that one for some light reading.

Two groups of states have joined together in light of the absence of federal leadership. They have made pacts on re-opening their economies. Given the occupant of the White House never really made a clear, concise decision to shutter things, it makes sense, despite his tweets to the opposite.

NY-NJ-CT-PA-RI and Delaware have joined together. WA-OR and WA have also joined together. One senses that if the current occupant of the White House is re-elected, there is a very good chance our country will break apart. I’ve been telling my son that for a while; since he lives in San Diego. The problem when you pit groups against each other is that those groups can sometimes coalesce and fight back.

What’s also interesting is if you look at Federal income and expenditures, the blue states pump a ton more income into the Federal government than they get back and the red states take more than they give. Interesting conundrum.

I drove around Knoxville today and the sense I get it is people here aren’t taking this serious. Perhaps those states that haven’t been slammed yet might be ahead of the curve since they got to see what happened in WA and NY and CA so schools were shuttered and other measures taken before we got hit bad. Time will tell. I certainly don’t wish anyone harm.

Now I am going to unplug and reboot the simulation and see if that works. I will bring myself “back online”. But only if Arnold tells me. Or should it be Dolores?

Stay safe. Stay positive. Be like Cool Gus. Or even Scout.

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