A happy picture, although they are not adhering to social distancing, of Scout and Cool Gus in my office with Tigger ready to pounce in Gus’ defence.

There is no lack of information about COVID-19 on the Internet. The same with various responses to it.

Here’s one thing that seems true, unless someone can correct me: the federal government’s response has been pathetic at best, nonexistent for most of us. Has anyone seen the check touted weeks ago? Or the loans?

Who is in charge in Washington? Pence’s task force? Kushner’s task force? Trump at the briefings? The sense I get from all I read is that this administration is viewing this as an opportunity to enrich those who have patronage and also make money. The lack of empathy would be stunning except that we’re almost number to it by now.

The pivot has gone from “this will go to zero” to “if only a hundred thousand die I should be congratulated”. Rather stunning. People forget that Trump and Roy Cohn lost their civil case about discrimination many years ago and Cohn taught him something important: they claimed they won and then sued the government. They lost the suit, but still claimed they won. No matter what happens, Trump will claim he won. No matter how many dead. Of course, Trump rewarded Cohn with fake cuff links and ignoring him on his death bed. Those are just facts: not political except it involves a politician.

I focus in images because they are real (so far, but I’m sure there are fake ones and false memes being made up). The long lines of cars at food banks are scary. What it means is that even though stores are reasonably stocked, a lot of people who have been laid off simply can’t afford to buy food. This ripple effect will be worse over the next two months.

My plan is to contribute to local food banks as much as possible.

I’ve read numerous reports that 1/3 of renters could not pay their rent this month. That’s an amazing number and think of the economic ripple effect along that chain.

The supply chain is starting to fray all along it from the source to the consumer. A pork factory that produces roughly 4% for the nation shut down after hundreds of employees tested positive. UPS, Fedex and USPS employees are testing positive.

We have a certain segment arguing for reopening the country. Unless, I’m mistaken, some of the country just shut down a week or so ago? Since there was no federal mandate, states were left on their own.

The next couple of weeks will be critical. It’s weird but I just searched back on my posts and I was mentioning food at least by Day 5. So if I haven’t here is my free slideshow on food; what might be helpful is the part about expiration dates.

Stay safe. Stay positive. Be like Cool Gus. Or even Scout.

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