Long day of trying to rest my eye after the surgery—supposed to spend most of the day on my left side as well as all night and getting business stuff done with a new release coming out later this month.

Just watched a show my wife found on Amazon Prime from Discovery Channel titled Invisible Killers. It was made in 2018 and it pretty much discusses the inevitable influenza pandemic we are now living through. The now famous Dr. Fauci is in it.

I highly recommend watching it to get an understanding of the big picture of what influenza is and why it’s such a problem.

It’s a statement of the human condition that we will spend over 700 billion on defense in a year and leave ourselves defenseless against the inevitable pandemic. And now, we are seeing that great DOD falling apart in the face of this. The fact a Navy Captain went public with concerns for his crew means his chain of command failed him. No one could make a decision. I respect what he did because he threw his career away over concern for his sailors. They may publicly say at the Pentagon that there will be no repercussions, but he knew by doing what he did it was over. But he had a point—he had a combat ineffective multi-billion dollar war machine. When we need 50 cent masks. That are now being bid on by competing states.

It’s late. The dogs are snoring. My eye hurts and I’ve got nothing left today. Tomorrow will be another day. Hang tough. Be nicer to each other. We ARE all in this together.

I just realized its three weeks since I started this blog. And here in Knoxville, we’re still waiting for the tsunami that’s already rolled over New York and New Orleans. Sadly, everyone here in town is so thankful the UT students never came back from Spring Break; that UT pulled the plug while they were gone. That bought us some time.

PLEASE! Take this virus seriously. Stay safe.

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The NY Times has dropped its paywall for information about COVID-19, Coronavirus. Click HERE to go to it. Also, The Economist has dropped its paywall for information about COVID-19 and it does a very good job drilling down on various aspects.