Pandemics don’t just come and then disappear. They come in waves; hopefully smaller and smaller waves, but until we have a vaccine, COVID-19 will be with us. China is having another wave of infections, the news of which they are trying to suppress.

We have our own suppression of reality in this country as the administration pivots from “not a problem” to “if you’re listening to this, I saved your life” which is pretty amazing. Right now, there is nothing we can do about that. We have to focus on the short term in order to make it to the long term. The problem is that misinformation continues to produce a haphazard and incoherent national response. States are bidding against each other for critical items.

The lack of leadership, not just at the White House, but all high federal levels is stunning. To have an aircraft carrier captain go public with his situation (290) positive on board means the chain of command did not deal with this. Personally. I’m disgusted with the highest levels in the Pentagon and the lack of integrity among flag rank officers.

For each of us, we have to take charge.

I’ve been talking about the long term and here are some thoughts.

Start a garden. We’re getting to that time of year. You can get seeds on Amazon. Books on how to do it if you have no experience. You’ll be amazed how much food a small garden can produce. We’ve added in these planter boxes to our regular garden since we have a concrete pad and fence that used to be a kennel we can put them in. This keeps the rabbits out and also helps with the stooping over—something us older coots have to think about.

A garden is also a good distraction and a great thing to work on. I’ve always enjoyed plants. Even if you live in an apartment, you could put one of these planters on your balcony if you have one.

I’ve also started to do some work with solar, something I’d planned on doing and now have the  motivation to explore. I’ve gotten several solar panels and a battery and am trying to remember my “juice” classes from West Point on the difference between combining in series or parallel etc. More on this to come as I’m able to do more.

Right now, still mostly bound to lying down on my left side to let the gas bubble in my eye slowly be replaced by organic material without ripping the laser seal on the retina. Hard to believe its only be four days since the surgery. I think a lot of people are experiencing, in deeper and more somber ways, how quickly life can change and things we thought were important aren’t so important any more.

PLEASE! Take this virus seriously. Stay safe.

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