Hard as it is to believe, we are still just in the early stages of the pandemic.

The number above has been ticking down. Yesterday it was every 7 minutes. If you think NYC is far away, don’t worry, this will come to your town soon enough.

We have a president doling out emergency supplies as if it’s a game show, rewarding those states he believes support him and denying those he views as enemies. It’s an incredible spectacle but we’ve become so number that today’s tweets that his daily briefings have the highest rating on TV seem normal. It’s not. But it is our insane reality. I was under the impression that the president serves ALL citizens but that has not been this case with this administration. The childish pettiness of having an 8 year old bully in the White House is killing people. Now. Today.

In case people haven’t noticed, there are a lot more red dots all over the country that weren’t there a week ago. This is spreading. And it will keep spreading. No one will be spared despite their political or religious beliefs.

In the next few days we will surpass our 9-11 death toll. Think how we reacted to that.

I’ve always found that those who deny climate change or the reality of COVID-19, also use their cell phones without having a clue how they work. They trust that science implicitly. It’s like sitting on a plane listening to someone go on about the world is six thousand years old and denying science. While on a plane.

I’m only able to work for a couple of hours a day as I need to spend 18-20 hours horizontal with my left side down in order for the gas bubble in my right eye to work its science. Or I guess I could just do what I want. I’ll trust the science.

Here is a new article on how to handle packages and groceries. I know I posted some info on this earlier, but this is the latest. I basically work this in stages. Opening everything in the garage, disposing of the packing material in recycling and leaving it out there for at least 24 hours. I come in a wash my hands thoroughly.

I’ll get back on track with long term preparation as I’m able to function a little bit better, but right now I’m knocking out essential stuff. My writing is way behind schedule and will be, but there are more important things going on. If you have Kindle Unlimited, please note I have over 60 titles in the program here, including my survival guide. Feel free to check some titles out. I also do rolling free books on my freebies page. Psychic Warrior just went free today, based on a real program, Trojan Warrior, I was affiliated with I 10th Special Forces. If you saw Men Who Stare at Goats, some of that came from this program and also First Earth Battalion.

PLEASE! Take this virus seriously. Stay safe.

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Once more, the NY Times has dropped its paywall for information about COVID-19, Coronavirus. Click HERE to go to it. Also, The Economist has dropped its paywall for information about COVID-19 and it does a very good job drilling down on various aspects.