My surgery went well, did a follow up with doctor today and he said eye looks good, but I’m out of commission for a while. One eye for weeks and having to spend a lot of time horizontal on my left side. I apologize misspellings or mistakes– working with one eye is difficult.

A West Point class mate of mine posted on my blog a cogent response to an article from the National Institute of Health about the how this pandemic will play out:  What a bunch of CRAP! Hope it helps your book sails.”

Besides wondering how he got his degree, it brings up an important factor. In fact, I replied with an article from WAPO about how epidemiologists are now having to factor in the deniers to the spread.

To which he replied I needed a legitimate source, not the WAPO. Of course, he never listed a legitimate source of “Crap” and that’s the interesting part. People are believing sources that, so far, have been proved wrong every single step of the way on this. Yet, they still BELIEVE.

I actually wish I could believe. I hope he is right. I hope I am wrong. But I also want to be in reality. Talking to the eye surgeon today—he saw 12 emergency patients yesterday. Did two surgeries. Opened his office this morning by himself to see 5 of us. They only have N-92 masks which are relatively ineffective for catching, but god for not spreading. I thanked him for doing what he’s doing. I distinctly got the impression he’s resigned to being infected sooner rather than later. And that is reality. Almost every one of us, will be exposed to COVID-19 this year.

But that doesn’t mean we should just run around and French kiss. We have to slow the spread as much as possible to give those in the front lines a fighting chance.

Almost all my novels deal with the human brain. The reality is that people literally cannot help the way they think. Their brains are genetically different. The really scary part is they don’t believe others are different than them; they think others choose to be different and thus they are wrong. You can’t argue with someone who falls under the sway of “perception is reality”. Our president wrote that in his Art of the Deal and it is his mantra. And it is killing many people now. That’s simply a fact. But already history is being rewritten. “No one could expected this” is such a ludicrous lie, but people believe it. Someone tweeted a quote from Breitbart that Trump didn’t disband the pandemic team at NSC, he just moved it. Except the head of the team has clearly pointed out they were disbanded and there’s even video of Trump saying he disbanded it.

We are at a crossroad in evolution. Where reason and faith are clashing. Where those who believe facts are being bombarded by those who believe what they want, regardless of facts. I don’t know what made my classmate post on my blog. Why? What was his reason other than anger and fear? And those are the two great dangers creeping up on us. I often “joke” when teaching that we go to war rather than admit we are wrong. But it’s true. Trump will double down and quadruple down. He is utterly incapable of admitting he was every wrong about anything. And many who believe him are the same. That makes them very, very dangerous people.

When I set out to write my latest Green Beret series, the core idea was who are the ones who protect the sheep from the wolves? Not shepherds. Because it’s not just about protection, but its about fighting evil. Fighting the wolves? And, frankly, its another wolf who sees the light. Just something to think about as we deeper into the abyss.

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PLEASE! Take this virus seriously. Stay safe.

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Once more, the NY Times has dropped its paywall for information about COVID-19, Coronavirus. Click HERE to go to it. Also, The Economist has dropped its paywall for information about COVID-19 and it does a very good job drilling down on various aspects.