What’s changed?

That’s what I ask myself as I see the push to re-open schools, to have sports start up, and all the rhetoric that’s bandied about “opening up.” A movie theater chain has set a date to re-open in August while Google has extended work from home to July 2021. Which organization is facing reality?

We opened up states and people are dying in record numbers in Florida and Texas.

What’s changed?

The virus hasn’t changed. There’s no vaccine. There’s no federal plan on dealing with COVID-19. There’s no federal plan on opening up anything. There are still shortages of PPE. People are protesting wearing masks.

What’s changed?

We blew it and we’re blowing it again. For a simple reason. A complete lack of decisive leadership. If the country had shut down for six weeks, the entire country, when we knew we had a pandemic, we’d be in great shape now.

We didn’t. We still won’t. Ten of thousands will die. And we move on pretending it’s normal.

It’s not normal. 40% of renters won’t be able to pay next month and Congress packing money in a bill to “help” them with over a billion for a new FBI HQ and military appropriations. The PPP money went out with no oversight or requirement that the money actually went to payrolls. So a recipient went out and bought a Lamborghini. The rich got richer.

What will we see with schools re-opening? Some deaths of children. Thousands of teachers dying. Children coming home and infecting their families. Thousands more dying. That’s simply science. That’s reality.

The economy would be doing all right at the present it we’d dealt with reality back in February and March. Wishful thinking isn’t going to change reality.

Here’s a reality: I wrote about the INEVITABLE pandemic over two decades ago. I incorporated it into my Survival Guide in the very first edition years ago. Here’s another prediction that will come true: within a decade there will be another, more virulent pandemic. We’re not even out of this one yet, but trust me, it will be worse. That’s called reality.

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