We are in a lose-lose-lose situation. If you remember War Games, the movie from 1983, in the end the computer decides the only way to win the nuclear escalation is to not play at all. That’s pretty much our situation now.

I’m not saying give in. Or surrender. We have to think strategically. I see many people lament those who only watch Fox News, but you’re just as wrong if you don’t watch Fox News daily to see what’s going on. Remember, Trump takes his cues from Fox.

I’m surprised that no one’s reported on what happened the night things got tense with Iran. After Iran launched missiles and hit our bases? We watched Fox. Why? Because we knew Trump was. While everyone was wondering what he would do and debating counter-strikes, Tucker Carlson was urging restraint. And then he brought on a guest we never saw before and never saw again. She was labeled a Middle East Expert or something and dressed oddly for such an expert. Personally, I believe she was an actress hired for this role and given a script. Because she went on this rant about how Pelosi and Schumer wanted war with Iran so badly; it was their only goal. That they wanted Trump to go to war. Yada, Yada. Just minutes after that segment aired, Trump stood down the counterstrikes.

Coincidence? Trump can be played. Read Mary Trump’s book and understand he reacts. He rarely acts. A person with his personality disorder can be played in ways normal people wouldn’t understand.

We have an obligation to watch Fox as intelligence gathering. And Fox is running nonstop Law and Order and the democrats/liberal/commie/antifa/socialists etcetera want to destroy law and order, kill everyone, rape their wives, burn their houses, and salt the ground they live on. Real Conan the Barbarian stuff.

Fox supplements these rants with selected clips. We already know they photoshopped scenes from Seattle when that cluster was going on. We’ll have plenty of photoshopping and carefully edited clips showing cities on fire and out of control rioters.

Trump thrives on conflict. He flat out has said that all his life. Read his own books. What he wants now is conflict on a national level. He wants chaos. Pushback. What if we gave him none?

Of course, it will be invented. There will be pay for play rioters. There will be provocations by Trump’s sycophants.

But protesting now is a zero sum game. Things aren’t going to change and can only get worse. Portland is a prelude and they’ve already publicly announced that program will be expanded to other cities. You can bet that AG Barr has laid out his trap for protestors already.

People are talking options that will only escalate. Will local and state LEO stand against Federal? Doubtful. Such a confrontation is fraught with danger. If governors call up the Guard, Trump will nationalize the Guard. And will the Guard even pushback against Federal forces? Ultimately what Trump is seeking is a reason to declare an emergency (aka the invasion from the south that never happened) and postpone and then keep postponing the election. Think of poor Justice Ginsberg trying to hang on? He would dearly love to declare martial law. He’s indicated a great willingness to bring in active duty military and already did it in Washington DC. They will do it again. Let’s not give him that.

I know it will feel like surrendering. No. Wait for 3 November. When he tries whatever he tries, we go V is for Vendetta.

Also, let’s accept we’re in the midst of a pandemic. We don’t need more good people getting sick. The body count is going to be the biggest protest available. Let’s make sure we get that number right while Trump tries to juke the stats. Let’s post of those we love who have suffered and/or died. Let’s let him continue to hang himself as he has ALWAYS done in every job he’s had. He’s self-destructive. Let him destruct.

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