We also don’t do logic. Or common sense. We do what we ‘believe’. And what we believe is often wrong.

Why did we even shut down if there was going to be no national policy? The buck didn’t stop with the president, he changed it into pennies and threw them back at the States and turned his back on it.

I watched his press secretary sneer as she held the pandemic response plan they’d inherited from the previous administration (and they only brought it out after denying it existed because, well, it existed and the Senate majority leader had to walk back his denial on it). She tossed it aside saying it was worthless and held up a binder saying it contained their newer and better plan. The problem is, what is it? Because there has been no plan from the start.

Now we have a faction so deeply entrenched in their utter incompetence and ignorance it’s too late. The absolute illogic of the president’s position that numbers are only going up because of “great testing” fails on so many levels.

This is the reality that those of us in reality have to live in. I take some inspiration that more people seem to be accepting reality. We finally, finally, have a mask ordnance here in Knox County. Far too late, but there is no late if we change now!

Ignore the fools who say wearing a mask is ineffective or a health hazard. Like much other propaganda it comes from sources that wish us harm and is rabidly spread by haters.

The reality is grim. Day by day we see record numbers in most states. While proportionally the mortality rate seems down a little, it still means tens of thousands of death this month. Tens of thousand. We will likely top two hundred thousand deaths by the end of July. If the country doesn’t change course radically we could see half a million by the end of the year. All the worst case scenarios are playing out. And being ignored by those in the White House.

It is up to us. Social distance. Wear a mask. Don’t go into crowds. Stay safe.

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