Yes, it’s day 105. But here in TN we’re seeing cases increase. If you live in Florida, Arizona or Texas, it’s really surging. No matter how weary you are of wearing a mask please do. If 80% of people wore a mask, we’d cut transmissions by 80%.

Note that the east coast of Florida is bright red. A lot of older, retirees down there. Please pay them the respect of wearing a mask and social distancing.

Once more, I’m going to reiterate some old information. There are many people walking around with COVID-19 who are asymptomatic. There are others who show few symptoms and think they can beat it. What you can do is check both your temperature several times a day and also your blood oxygen level using an oximeter. If it falls below 95% you probably want to call your doctor. There have been people showing up at the emergency room who’ve been mildly sick for a week with blood oxygen levels at dangerously low levels. Here is one on Amazon.

The higher number ARE NOT the result of more testing. They are the result of a higher percentage of people contracting the virus.

Also, if you’re in Florida, make sure your hurricane preparation is up to date.

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