Jefferson Allegiance

Years ago I pondered the problem of increasing Presidential power. It seemed we were losing our ability to hold in check the executive branch.

The Founding Fathers for all their genius also had flaws. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were opposed ideologically. But what if one thing they agreed on was a way to hold in check a President who bent the law in a way that was private and wouldn’t cause a public scandal?

Together they brokered the Jefferson Allegiance. And then hid it away. The key to finding it? The pieces of the Jefferson Cipher.

The 4th of July 1826. As Thomas Jefferson lies dying, he gives his part of his Jefferson Cipher to Edgar Allen Poe, with instructions to take the disks to West Point. In Massachusetts, John Adams entrusts his part of the Cipher to Colonel Thayer, the superintendent of the Military Academy. As Thayer rides away, Adams utters his final words: “Thomas Jefferson survives.”

In the present, Green Beret Paul Ducharme has been recalled from Afghanistan after the ‘accidental’ death of his best friend, the son of one of the Philosophers. While Ducharme is visiting his friend’s gravesite in Arlington, an old man is executed by a member from the Society of Cincinnati known as the Surgeon, who is seeking to gather all the pieces of the cipher. In a nearby restaurant, former CIA and now Curator at Monticello, Evie Tolliver, waits anxiously for her mentor to arrive, but he’s killed by the same assassin at the Zero Milestone. His heart and the Philosopher’s head are displayed as a grisly message on top of the stone, echoing Jefferson’s famous head-heart letter.

Ducharme and Tolliver, the unknowing heirs to become the next generation of caretakers of the Jefferson Allegiance, team up and must battle the Surgeon to assemble the Cipher and find the Jefferson Allegiance, a document that has kept the balance of power in the United States for over two centuries.

When this book came out, it became the #2 national bestseller at Barnes and Noble.

If you enjoy a thriller steeped in history, pick up this book.

Enjoy! The Jefferson Allegiance

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