Free thru 12 Nov: A Survival Manual

Survive Now-Thrive Later is free for the next several days. I believe it’s a great, handy reference book on an array of topics, from first aid to shelters to navigation to procuring water and food.

This pocket-sized manual is a must-have; a copy in the home, the glove compartment of the car, at work, and in the grab-n-go bag.

In order of priority, this book is a guide for dealing with emergencies and survival situations.

It covers the five core areas of survival: first aid, water, food, shelter and fire.

Then it goes into the wide array of specific situations you may encounter such as: flood, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, tsunami, volcano, wildfire, heat wave, blizzard, drought, landslide, nuclear-biological-chemical incidents, terrorism, crime, riots, airplane and helicopter crashes, survival at sea, cold weather survival, desert survival, tropical survival, field expedient tools and weapons, emergency communication, dangerous plants and animals, and more.

The goal is to have a quick reference in hand to get you through the emergency into a situation where you can thrive on the other end.

This is a companion book to Prepare Now. Survive Later which gives checklists and instructions in how to be as prepared as possible before an emergency strikes.

With the proper knowledge, we can survive!

Why was Kennedy’s mistress killed? And Khrushchev overthrown the next day?

JFK was assassinated on 21 Nov 1963. His mistress, Mary Meyer, was killed on 12 Oct 1964. Shot in the back of the head while walking in Washington DC. The next day, the Soviet premier was forced out of power.

How are these events connected?

Mary Meyer kept a diary. Her ex was a high-ranking CIA operative. After she was killed, the CIA tore apart her home looking for her diary. No one has ever seen it since.

These are all facts.


Here’s a free slideshow:

FREE today: The Green Beret Preparation and Survival Guide

Because I think this book is so critical to everyone, FREE today, Monday (11/4), is the Green Beret Preparation and Survival Guide. The important aspect of this book is it explains, step by step, how to prepare. Over 60% of households are not prepared to a base level. It also walks you through how to do an Area Study so you prepare for your family’s specific situation and needs.

Also, the first nine Area 51 books are only .99 each all of November. A new book, Area 51: Earth Abides, is in the pipeline and I’ll announce when it will be published as soon as I know.

My next book out will be Walk on the Wild Side, the third in my Will Kane Green Beret series of books which have received very positive reviews. It comes out on 9 December.

Nothing but good times ahead!

Do The Ends Justify The Means? Operation Paperclip

At the end of World War II, there was a race between the Russians and the Americans to plunder the scientific knowledge of the Nazi regime. Operation Paperclip was the code name this technically illegal program operated under.

The was also Unit 731 run by the Japanese that focused on biological warfare and conducted experiments that rivaled anything the Nazis were doing.

Here’s more info in a free slideshare about Paperclip:

29 October 1969: The First Internet Message Was Sent– then the network crashed

That’s called foreshadowing. The message was supposed to be L-O-G-I-N, but after the L-O the system crashed. It was going from a lab at UCLA to one at Stanford.

It’s interesting that the internet came about as computing faced a crossroads in development: whether to have large, centralized computers or smaller and more, decentralized ones. The internet allowed the latter to develop,

For more:

90 years later: Black Tuesday–What If It Hadn’t Happened?

Tuesday, 29 October 1929. The day that changed the world. Ushered in the Great Depression which would end with World War II.

What if it hadn’t occurred? What if history was changed on that day?

And on other 29 Octobers throughout history?

What if Sir Walter Raleigh wasn’t executed on 29 October 1618?

What if the last test flight of Operation Credible Sport, the planned second Iranian Hostage Mission, hadn’t failed in a crash? And the mission had gone on?

The first Internet message was sent on 29 October 1969. What if it hadn’t been sent? Would the Internet have developed as it has?

The core of each Time Patrol book is that the same day, such as 29 October, is being attacked by a force known only as the Shadow; the same force that destroyed Atlantis in pre-history. They try to change six of those days. If they succeed on all six, our present would be wiped out in a Time Tsunami,

It’s up to the Time Patrol to ensure our history remains the same, no matter the cost.

The Time Patrol

How To Prepare For and Survive Wildfires

Wildfires are a very nasty natural disaster– not that any of them are good. They are deadly, move fast and are unpredictable. We had one here in East TN a few years ago that killed 14, hurt many more and destroyed a number of residences. I recently drove through the area and in most places, you can’t even see there was a fire, because it moved so fast it didn’t burn the trees, just the undergrowth. And man-made residences.

Drought is a precondition for wildfires but they can occur almost any time. When we lived in Colorado we could sometimes see the smoke from wildfires in the foothills. We also saw when they would set preventative fires. There were also areas that had burned many years earlier and there, the tree had been burned and the land was still scorched.

Here is a free downloadable slideshow on wildfires. I’ve got a bunch of these free slideshows on various survival topics (as well as history, New York City, writing and more) on my Slideshows page. Feel free to take a look.

The Unit Meets Warehouse 13

Based at The Ranch, just outside of Area 51, the Nightstalkers are the elite Special Operations unit that takes care of the things that go bump in the night.
They ‘correct’ the mistakes of scientists. They are our last defense against self-annihilation. They’re also a little bit crazy, a little bit mad, and a long way outside the bell curve.

I had tons of fun writing Nightstalkers, especially Scout. For whom our latest dog is named.

There are three pure Nightstalkers books: Nightstalkers, Book of Truths and The Rift. Then the team morphs into the Time Patrol in that title and future titles in that series.

Here’s more on them:

Preparing for NanoWrimo?

November is when many writers go into hyper speed and participate in Nanowrimo. It stands for National Novel Writing Month. It doesn’t mean you have to write a novel in a month, but it’s a way of helping people set goals and encourage each other to write.

Pretty much every month has been like that for me over three decades of writing, but I think the program is a positive for many writers, both aspiring and published. I have a free downloadable powerpoint designed specifically for the month (below). I also have numerous other slideshows on writing on my web site HERE.

I hope you find them useful and all the best with your writing!

Who Polices the World of Covert Operations? Free today

What is the unit that polices the ranks of elite, covert units? Stops operatives who are too dangerous for the police and, more importantly, know too many secrets to ever be brought to trial?

That was the idea behind the Cellar. The first book in this series, Bodyguard of Lies, is free today (10/23).

Lost Girls is the second book in that series. Also, the Cellar is making an appearance in my latest series, the Will Kane Green Beret books, which are set in 1977, before Bodyguard of Lies. That’s because the Cellar was created by Presidential mandate at the end of World War II.

BTW: Walk on the Wild Side will be out on 9 December and the Cellar plays a big role near the end of the book.

Nothing but good times ahead!