The Unit Meets Warehouse 13

Based at The Ranch, just outside of Area 51, the Nightstalkers are the elite Special Operations unit that takes care of the things that go bump in the night.
They ‘correct’ the mistakes of scientists. They are our last defense against self-annihilation. They’re also a little bit crazy, a little bit mad, and a long way outside the bell curve.

I had tons of fun writing Nightstalkers, especially Scout. For whom our latest dog is named.

There are three pure Nightstalkers books: Nightstalkers, Book of Truths and The Rift. Then the team morphs into the Time Patrol in that title and future titles in that series.

Here’s more on them:

Preparing for NanoWrimo?

November is when many writers go into hyper speed and participate in Nanowrimo. It stands for National Novel Writing Month. It doesn’t mean you have to write a novel in a month, but it’s a way of helping people set goals and encourage each other to write.

Pretty much every month has been like that for me over three decades of writing, but I think the program is a positive for many writers, both aspiring and published. I have a free downloadable powerpoint designed specifically for the month (below). I also have numerous other slideshows on writing on my web site HERE.

I hope you find them useful and all the best with your writing!

Who Polices the World of Covert Operations? Free today

What is the unit that polices the ranks of elite, covert units? Stops operatives who are too dangerous for the police and, more importantly, know too many secrets to ever be brought to trial?

That was the idea behind the Cellar. The first book in this series, Bodyguard of Lies, is free today (10/23).

Lost Girls is the second book in that series. Also, the Cellar is making an appearance in my latest series, the Will Kane Green Beret books, which are set in 1977, before Bodyguard of Lies. That’s because the Cellar was created by Presidential mandate at the end of World War II.

BTW: Walk on the Wild Side will be out on 9 December and the Cellar plays a big role near the end of the book.

Nothing but good times ahead!

Who Dares Wins: Special Operations Strategies for Success– free today

For today, 10/21, only, this book is free on Kindle.

I took what we did in Special Operations and built templates that anyone can use for themselves or their organization.

Special Operations Forces are the most elite and flexible units in the world. Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Rangers, Nightstalkers, Special Operations Wing: these are the warriors trained to perform beyond the ordinary and to make the impossible, possible. The author, a former Green Beret, takes you inside their shadowy world, laying out their history and lineage. More importantly, he delves into the mindset and training that makes them special. He gives strategic and tactical templates you can apply to yourself and your team. He uses narrative examples, both factual and fictional to illustrate his points.

This book shows you how to Dare to be like the elite, sharing with you the secrets of success needed to conquer fear and succeed.

“Success in life–as in combat–has always demanded depth of character. Who Dares Wins reveals what it takes for you to move into the world of elite warriors and how their training developed that Can Do spirit and Special Forces ethos of excellence.”
Lewis C. Merletti: Director United States Secret Service (retired), Former Sgt 5th Special Forces Group (Vietnam); Cleveland Browns Executive Vice President & COO

About the author: Bob Mayer is a NY Times bestselling author, former Green Beret and CEO of Cool Gus Publishing. He graduated from the Military Academy at West Point, served in the Infantry and Special Forces, commanded a Special Forces A-Team, taught at the JFK Special Warfare Center & School at Fort Bragg and served in other Special Operations assignments. He has over 70 books published with over 5 million sold and has been on the numerous bestseller lists including The Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly & US Today.

In 2011 he made the leap from traditional to indie publishing and built a seven-figure business within 18 months.

He is an international speaker and consultant. He has done interviews/appeared in/on the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Forbes, Psychology Today, Sports Illustrated, PBS, NPR, the Discovery Channel, the SyFy Channel and others.

I Used To Wonder Once We Went Wheels Up, What If . . .

We got our code word to conduct our war time assigned mission?

We ran lots of training exercises in Special Forces. I don’t believe we were ever alerted at 9:00 AM on a Monday. It was usually odd hours on odds days.

Occasionally the alert was real: something that had to be done. But we also had a war plan for if the balloon went up on World War III. My team had a specific mission and target assigned to us, as did every team.

Sometimes our alerts said it was for this mission. We’d load on the aircraft with our gear, go wheels up and start flying. If we got our GO codeword, we were going.

This is the scenario played out in the epic movie and book Fail Safe.

It was a scenario that I used for the very first book I wrote which eventually became Dragon Sim-13 (The Green Berets). The title is the name of a simulation of a mission that gets the actual code word to go. Except it wasn’t supposed to happen!

Here is more:

Which is more important: Honor or Loyalty?

Many people consider the two the same, but I don’t. One is inward oriented, the other outward.

At West Point we had to memorize quite a bit of ‘trivia’ otherwise known as Plebe Poop, which is self-explanatory. One bothered me a lot: In 60 major battles of the Civil War, West Pointers commanded both sides in 55 and one side in the other 5. It made me wonder how men who’d sworn an oath to the Constitution, the same one I did in the same place I did on the Plain at West Point, went against that oath?

The Civil War has always fascinated me. I’ve walked many of the battlefields. Wrote the Gettysburg Staff Walk for the JFK Special Warfare Center, read many books on it.

It was inevitable then that I ended up writing a book, actually, three about West Point and the Civil War. The first book, Duty, is free on all eBook platforms. I do plan on getting back to the series and pushing further into the war, but it starts at West Point in 1842. Here is a slideshow overview:

First Two Book in Green Beret Series Free Today

Eyes of the Hammer and Dragon Sim-13 are free today and tomorrow, 10/6 and 10/7.

These are my first two books published, written a while ago, but the action and the political forces are as relevant as ever. Dragon Sim-13 is backdropped against the Tianenman Square riots but now we have the Hong Kong riots.

I’m writing prequels to the series now, featuring Dave Riley’s older cousin, Will Kane. The third book, Walk on the Wild Side will be out in December and the first two are already out.

Nothing but good times ahead!

Bonding over the Bicameral Mind- and a free book

When my wife and I met one of the first things that attracted us to each other was that our bookshelves held many of the same titles.

The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind was one of those. Not an easy tome and it requires several readings to grok.

The mind has been a topic in almost every book I’ve written. I’ve even used mine in writing most of them. I think its truly the last frontier: how does it really work? What is consciousness? How much of our potential are we using. I examined the latter in a lot of books including Psychic Warrior.

But my most intriguing and strangest book has to be The Fifth Floor, which is free today and tomorrow (11/4 and 11/5). Not just the topic but the various voices its written it, the book questions what is reality? At least for the protagonist of the story.

62 Kindle Unlimited Titles on one page

I went through and tagged all of my titles that are part of Kindle Unlimited. On my fiction page alone, there are 62 titles. Which means you can sample my works if you are enrolled in that program.

The red bar at the top indicate enrollment.

I think this is a great program for voracious readers.

Nothing but good times ahead!

By the way, Scout is one year old today. So does that make her no longer a puppy? Cool Gus thinks so.