There’s a meme going around that says if you are lost, car broken down, etc. and your phone is low on juice, you should change your voicemail message with the emergency info so people calling you after your phone dies will know what’s going.

I thought about this and decide this makes no sense.


Voicemail messages don’t update without service.

If you have the power and coverage to do that, why aren’t you calling 911?

You waste power and time doing this.

If you have the power and coverage to do that, why, after calling 911, aren’t you texting contacts for help with critical info? Texts take much less power and are more likely to get through than a voice message or changing your own voice message.

How many people actually call you and will listen to your message and take the responsibility to alert others?

There is an exception where with certain carriers you can update your voicemail if you have Wifi, but if you have Wifi aren’t there a lot of other things you can do that would bring faster results?

For some reason this meme has caught on and gotten thousands of reposts.

There are many things you should prepare for to prevent getting in such a situation, depending on your life style. From carrying backup power, to small solar batteries, and for this who go far out in the wilderness, carrying a satellite messenger.

Here’s what to do to prevent getting lost and if you get lost:

Here’s information on