This might be the most significant event of the 20th Century. Tsarist Russia was gone, replaced by Communist Russia. Part of the momentum behind Hitler’s rise to power was the battle against communism in Germany. The Cold War. And on and on. To the present day.

The reasons for the fall of Tsarist Russia are complex, but focusing mainly on Nicholas, I lay out the six Cascade Events that led to the seventh, the formal abdication in Stuff Doesn’t Happen: The Gift of Failure. It is currently free.

I also used this event in another book, The Ides of March (Time Patrol) where I ran a mission to stop the Tsarina from halting the abdication and causing a different outcome.
One of the premises of the series is that we need to keep our history the same based on the fact we still exist. Because the Time Patrol knows there are other timelines that had changes in history and they no longer exist.

Below is a free slideshow on that mission: