Reign of Fire happened two years ago!

Reign of Fire

How time flies when we’re having fun. And we should have had flying cars the year before. But,hey. Dragons! Starring Mathew McConaughey and Christian Bale, and did I mention, dragons? this 2002 movie disappointed at the box office.

The premise is that while digging for the London Underground, they open up a cavern with a dragon that’s been sleeping, well, since it wiped out the dinosaurs. I’m happy when I get eight good hours of sleep. But, hey. Whatever.

I thought it was okay. Some serious plot flaws. The ending felt a bit anti-climactic. But what’s astonishing is to see what McConaughey did to his body. Then compare that to Dallas Buyer’s Club. That can’t be good for you.

If you’re bored it’s not a bad movie since it has—did I mention dragons? Not quite Smaug, though.

Update on From on Epix, which is like the only way to get the title across, which means: bad title. Really liking where this is going. Especially some of the thoughts in the last episode. I mean, a couple of people do have a point: other than the man-eating creatures in the night, is it really a bad place to live? Of course, there are no dragons. Yet.

I have, of course, written about dragons. They are in Area 51: Invasion, which, humbly speaking, I think is a kick ass book about Earth getting invaded by dragons, Cthulhu, Naga, kraken and more nasty things from our collective memory. Because they are part of the Ancient Enemy. Even though it’s like book 11 in the Area 51 series, I think it could be read on its own.

Did I mention the series is getting seriously shopped around. One of the co-creators to the Alien franchise wrote a screenplay on the first book and his name is attached. The key is to find a ‘name’ showrunner who sees the potential of what I pitch as The Expanse, except about history. It starts small and then expands to the universe. Here’s hoping.