This is the last line in the movie Sicario.

Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro) says it to Kate Mace (Emily Blunt). From avenging assassin to FBI agent.

I re-watched the movie last night and it never gets old. I notice more details each time. As a writer, I know details are important. For example, when they stop during the convoy in Mexico, the missing women posters on the wall—those are Alejandro’s wife and daughter.

I think the movie wasn’t very popular because of the message; and because many people didn’t get the message in the first place, even though it’s clearly explained by Josh Brolin to Kate after they come out of the tunnels and she asks him what “Medellin” means.

The scene where Alejandro finally confronts Fausto Alarcon while he is eating with his family is one of the most stunning scenes I’ve ever seen. Fausto’s wife has a moment of clarity when Alejandro says “Don’t forget about my daughter.” At that moment, she knows her fate. The look on Fausto’s face after Alejandro takes action is perfect. A reality he inflicted on others but had never imagined for himself.

The movie is one of the most realistic portrayals I’ve seen of covert operations. How things really work. What’s interesting is that the last scene, before Alejandro says that line, he’s there to get Kate to sign a letter saying everything they had done was above board. They had to comply to the letter of the law. Of course, he puts a gun to her chin and tells her she will be a suicide when she initially refuses to sign.

We live in a country where the norms have gone out the window. Where common decency seems a lost art. Not among most Americans, but among the fringes on both ends.

Sicario was about the trade-offs made in the real world. Not the imaginary world where the lines between good and evil are clear cut. The world is gray. And those on the fringes of either end don’t see it as grey. They see it the way they want to see it.

That is a very dangerous thing. Because people who do that will deny fact. They will deny reality.

I see some tough times ahead. And most people aren’t wolves. But this is the land of the wolves now.