I could end the novel any way but other than the coup being defeated. The Line had my heroes living up to their Oath and stopping the coup.

Today, I have my doubts that it would be such a bad thing. I swore an oath to defend the Constitution. It appears to me that others who have sworn the same are not living up to their oath. This begins with the President and has spread to a large portion of Congress.

Many of my fellow soldiers, generations of them, have died to keep this country free. To save Europe and South Korea from oppressors. The current administration is blatantly subverting those countries and overtly coupling us with an oppressive and murderous regime in Russia.

Putin has murdered people, including his own. He’s murdered journalists. He’s used a weapon of mass destruction to kill enemies in other sovereign countries; our allies. Russian mercenaries have engaged our troops in Syria. To aid Putin is, without exaggeration, treason.

The time is coming when, if the balance of powers as established in the Constitution do not suffice to save this country, that men and women of loyalty will have to stand up.

I fear for the future of this country. I put my life on the line in the past for it. I will do it again.