I absolutely think we should have a military parade.

It should be held on Memorial Day. Every year.

It should start at the Capitol Building. All Gold Star families and veterans who wish to participate should gather. Special provisions must be made for veterans who can no longer “march” due to disability and/or wounds. Their wheelchairs will be pushed by members of Congress. ALL members of both Houses must march. Tammy Duckworth will have the Speaker push her wheelchair if she desires.

The route will lead to the White House where the President joins it. At the tail end. Everyone walks.

It proceeds across the Potomac to Arlington where the Joint Chiefs will be waiting. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs must then succinctly state the strategic goal in every conflict we are currently engaged in and what will be the indicator that we have achieved that goal; the way all military officers are taught.

The President must then give a speech explaining why the current Gold Star family members have died since we have not officially been at war since World War II. Every member of Congress must also give a two minute speech on why they have abdicated their Constitutional authority concerning War Powers.

The President and each member of Congress must accompany a Gold Star family to a grave for an hour of silence. Trump must go to the grave at right.

I think that would be a very worthwhile march.