In the slideshare below I present various ways to make drinkable water. A good filter is the easiest. The other day I updated my inventory and purchased a Katydyn Hiker Microfilter. Iomething like this could be the most important thing you own in a crisis. There are many types that do the same thing. Some are designed for base camps and use gravity to feed from one bag to another. Whatever works for you. But this is one of the best investment you can make, because we can only live 3 days without water as you’ll see below. I’ve put that filter in my Jeep because we actually spent the money to instill a large filter of the same caliber underneath our kitchen sink and we use that to fill reusable metal bottles which we use for our daily drinking water (no tossing of plastic here). The hanging one to the right is a Platypus Gravityworks 4.

I can think of so many natural and man-made disasters where you won’t have a good source of drinkable water for a while. Hurricane, storm, flood, earthquake, kraken, tornado, broken or polluted water supply, and more. Plus think of your pets! Cool Gus likes a good slug of water every once in a while.

  Water. The gift of life!