I’m very excited about the reboot of my Area 51 series. It’s been ten years since the last book, and Area 51: Redemption picks up right at the end of Area 51: The Truth . It appears humans have defeated the Airlia, but things are never quite as they appear and often we are our own worst enemy. The rogue Watchers, the Myrddin, have their own plan for the future of mankind and it doesn’t include most of us. And there’s something else coming, from outside the Solar System, the will change everyone’s plans.

I learned a lot about the Solar System during my research for this book, including how much we don’t know. That’s a recurring theme in my Area 51 books: we don’t know as much as we think we know. Why were the pyramids built? Why were the statues on Easter Island built? Stonehenge? Was Atlantis real? Who was Jack the Ripper? Just a few topics covers in the series.

Right now I’m well into Area 51: Invasion which will be out on 17 July.

Cool Gus says: nothing but good times ahead. And he’ll be out of the cone soon. Meanwhile he’s picking up some interesting transmissions from outer space.