Gilligan’s Island comes to mind right away. Talk about limiting your story options.

Trivia– Mister Howell was the voice of Mister Magoo. And Mrs. Howell only agreed to do the pilot because it was being filmed in Hawaii. She, too, thought the premise wouldn’t work.

How did they manage to keep coming up with stories with just seven characters stuck on an island? And they didn’t seem to be suffering too much there. That boat sure carried a lot in it. And of course, it birth the “Ginger or Mary Ann?” BTW, Racquel Welch also auditioned for that role. Which is kind of hard to believe. And polls consistently go: Mary Ann.

Then there are some others. Bosom Buddies. Yes, Tom Hanks was in it. Seriously– people believed they were women?

The Greatest American Hero didn’t make much sense but the theme song was a hit.

There’s always The Flying Nun. Didn’t her neck hurt?

Notice I’m not covering any recent TV, but there have been some really terrible ideas put out there. Time will tell what succeeds.

Got any to add?