My wife looked at me the other day and said “A boy from the Bronx shouldn’t end up in this house.” The one to the right we’re currently renting.

To the left is the view of the Intracoastal from a house we rented years ago. I started counting how many places I’ve lived one day and it go confusing. Not just in locales, but also in various apartments, houses in the same locale. The Army can do that to you. But even after the Army, my wife and I have this bug where after 3 years we’re ready to move. She was an Army brat, born in Ft Leonard Wood, spent time in Berlin (was there for Kennedy’s speech), school in Monterey at Ft Ord, etc etc. After West Point, I lived a number of places. Also, in Special Forces, we traveled a lot– my first year in Group I was gone around 340 days. When you’re deployed for six months or so, that’s kind of living somewhere. But none of those places are ones I’d want to go back to.

We like watching those house hunters shows. Not only because they show you interesting places– we were watching Bordeaux, France yesterday– but you can tell a lot by the couple right away. No need for long therapy sessions.  You can see the relationship right there. You can tell who makes the decision. Who is willing to compromise what they want, etc. etc.

I know there are people who are living in the same place they were born. I was talking to an older lady down the street the other day and she told me her grand-daughter was going to the same elementary school she did. I was born in the Bronx and was out of there when I was 17 and don’t have much desire to go back. Living in Manhattan would be different, but way too busy for me now.

As a writer, I’ve been extremely fortunate in being able to live wherever. I could complain and say when you can choose anywhere, it’s hard, but that, as Cool Gus would say, is whiny. I can’t say I’ve lived any place I didn’t like, although Ft Bragg isn’t a tourist destination.

So where would you like to live? No practical concerns like job or cost, just being able to live there?