Mine is Lonesome Dove with I, Claudius a close second.

My wife and I watch I, Claudius every year. It’s a thing. Not long ago I was in Target looking for a VHS player. The kid working there looked at me oddly, like “What’s VHS?” They had one. They we learned it had been updated to DVD so we bought that. I guess he wouldn’t know what 8-Track of Beta is.

Check out the guy with hair in the image. Serjanus.

The thing about Lonesome Dove is when I read the book, and I’ve read it several times, the casting fits the characters perfectly. Tommy Lee Jones doesn’t even seem like Tommy Lee Jones. He’s Call. And Gus. Well, that’s why Cool Gus is Gus.

I’m sure there are more that would come to mind, but off the top of my head, those two really resonate. What are some of your favorites?