It’s a rather long subtitle, but there’s a lot in this small book. I’ve got a bunch of these all over the place– in the glove compartments of our cars. In my grab-n-go bags.

I made them small on purpose– so you can easily pack it. In the picture its next to my old Ranger Handbook which went everywhere with me when I was in uniform in the Army.

I also prioritized information. Even before the table of contents. I cover BREATHING first aid– do you know how to do a self-Heimlich? Then emergency bleeding. Because those two things you need ASAP if those emergencies occur. In the free APPs one of them was how to do CPR. Most people have only a passing idea how to do it.

From First Aid I move on to the other key survival skills. I also cover a phase most manuals don’t consider, but in an extreme emergency will be critical: how to scavenge.

This manual makes a great gift because it says:  “I care.”