This is the first of a series of blog posts every Monday. And, as a heads up, on Wednesdays, it will be Writer Wednesday. Tips for authors and aspiring authors. And on Saturdays, we’ll do Cool Gus Says with a different year of history or an interesting person or event or place covered. And Tuesday is Talk Tuesday where, whatever thing comes to mind is discussed. Nothing but good times ahead!

I’m using my Survival Slideshares as they’re the best way to present this information, with links to gear, free apps, etc. Prepare Now-Survive Later (A Common Sense Guide to Prepare for an Uncertain Future) is the most important book I’ve written. Every day I read reports about people who were caught in an emergency, an accident, a disaster, etc and they weren’t ready. I didn’t write this book and it’s companion survival manual for preppers or “end of the world” people. I wrote it for regular people. Who only occasionally worry about whether they are ready to deal with a medical emergency, a car accident, a weather event, etc.

It’s simple to be basically prepared and doesn’t cost much time or money. I wrote the book to start with basics. Then build from there. I think it’s the wisest investment a person can make for themselves and for their families. So here’s why you should prepare now: