We’ve already covered how much water you need, etc. but let’s discuss it a bit more. After oxygen, it’s the #1 thing you need! We can only last about three days without water. I just got the package on the left– each packet is stamped good for five years, but they last longer. They don’t seem like much, but trust me, when thirsty they are literal life savers.

Do you know how to use the sun to purify water? It’s actually a rather easy technique and can be a life saver. More info on water below. Bottom line, right now go and get two cases of bottled water per person in your household. This is the #1 priority after any disaster or emergency and 80% of us live in a county that’s been hit by a weather related disaster since 2007. I’ve listed the three priority things you need to get costing less than $50 total on another slideshare, here.