A particularly apt post given what’s happening in Southeast Texas. Even if you don’t live there, are you prepared? If you watch what’s unfolding, you will see that the vast majority of people weren’t ready. The preparations for a flood are very similar to the preparations for any natural disaster. As is being reported, what is happening in Texas is unprecedented. We must all be ready for more of the same in various ways. I cannot stress enough the need to make basic preparations!

Our house flooded in Boulder, Colorado, where we lived on top of a ridgeline, miles from the nearest creek. It started raining so fast and hard, the water table simply rose up into the house. Floods can happen anywhere!

All that having been said, let’s also have some empathy for those whose lives have been uprooted by this disaster. I know there are people who simply can’t afford to “be prepared”. One reason I give away the condensed version of my two survival books for free. There are people who can’t afford nor have the means to evacuate. They don’t own a car. They don’t have credit cards. They can’t afford a motel room. All they have has now been lost. We’re all not the same, but one thing we all are is Americans. We need to stand together.

To donate to the Red Cross to help victims, go HERE. Otherwise, search on line and find your own way to help, if you want to be more specific. But now is a time for us to unite as one.