I departed Writing Scenic over the weekend and headed west in my Jeep. I’m currently in Phoenix presenting at a conference and will be heading north from here tomorrow morning to destinations unknown.

So far I visited the UFO Museum in Roswell, NM. Strangely, there really isn’t much in the museum although they try really hard. Speaking from personal experience during my abduction, they really don’t want us to know much about them, so that’s good. Is it me or is the size of the saucer wrong– will those four fit in it?

I mountain biked in the Sonoran Preserve yesterday. It was only 97 degrees. Supposed to get up to 107 tomorrow. There were odd trees there that had spikes on them. Far different from my usual stomping ground in TN. Actually, I think they’re aliens standing very still and enjoying the sun while observing us and debating whether to annihilate us or not. But since we’re doing such a good of that on our own, they’re really waiting for the mothership to come back so they can get the hell out of here.

I binged VEEP to get up to speed– not as funny as previous seasons but on target. Also catching up on Leftovers which deserves a blog post of its own as its one of the weirdest shows I’ve ever seen but very addictive.

As I drove across the country on back roads, my take is that many small towns are dead or dying. The main streets are boarded up. Here in Phoenix I look at the masses of people and buildings and cars on the road and wonder about water supplies and power. This place seems to have a tenuous hold on the terrain and environment. But that’s the way my mind goes. Survival, etc. I loaded more water into the Jeep. Yeah, it’s a dry heat. Like we had in Colorado, but that’s a dangerous heat because you don’t sweat as much as the humid heat in the Southeast. So you might not drink as much as you need.

I know. Deep thoughts. Actually, I’ve had a lot of them and am slowly sorting them out. I plan on doing some camping at elevation and out of the heat in Utah and Colorado in the coming days. Then it’s back to Writing Scenic and no more traveling for the rest of the year is planned. We’ll run several workshops at the house and enjoy being still for a while.

Nothing but good times ahead!