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Coming 8 December

60% of Americans have not practiced or prepared for what to do in a disaster.

44% have no first aid kit.

48% do not have emergency supplies.

53% do not have a 3 day supply of food and water on hand.

I wrote this book for my grandchildren. My son, his wife and their children moved to San Diego and I saw a report that there was an earthquake alert. I became concerned about how prepared they were. Not just for a possible earthquake, but, as importantly, for the chaotic time after a disaster. I reached into my training and experience and . .

This is the most important book you will ever own.
It is also the most useful gift you could give someone you care about.

Preparation is the most critical component of survival and the most easily accomplished because you can do it NOW. In fact, you have to do it NOW. And you need to plan to survive as a team/family.

You, and those you love, will definitely face one or more of the situations covered: power outage, flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, wild fire and more. This book gives you a step-by-step procedure to prepare for these emergencies and in the confusion afterwards.

Easy-to-follow checklists and specific directions on what to get and do help you prepare.

A companion book, Survive Now. Thrive Later is the handbook for being in an actual survival or emergency situation.

But the most important thing is to Prepare Now!

Coming 8 December 2016

In order of priority, this book is a guide for dealing with emergencies and survival situations.

It covers the five core areas of survival: first aid, water, food, shelter and fire.

Then it goes into the wide array of specific situations you may encounter such as: flood, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, tsunami, volcano, wildfire, heat wave, blizzard, drought, landslide, nuclear-biological-chemical incidents, terrorism, crime, riots, airplane and helicopter crashes, survival at sea, cold weather survival, desert survival, tropical survival, field expedient tools and weapons, emergency communication, dangerous plants and animals, and more.

The goal is to have a quick reference in hand to get you through the emergency into a situation where you can thrive on the other end.

This is a companion book to Prepare Now. Survive Later which gives checklists and instructions in how to be as prepared as possible before an emergency strikes.

With the proper knowledge, we can survive!

Coming 27 November

Before there was just me now, there was a bunch of other stuff that I don't remember. People keep telling me I should remember, but maybe if you can't remember there is a reason.

Thus begins Lara’s story. Who is she? What reality should she believe?

A psychological thriller traveling into the intimate and infinite realm of time and parallel worlds. The true question is which of them is Lara’s reality? Who is she really? What happened to her?

Is her reality the one where she’s holding a bloody knife and her family has been slaughtered? Is it the one where she’s in the mental institution against her will, being experimented upon? Is it the one where’s she working as a gardener for a woman who has secrets of her own?

There’s an even more frightening possibility with even more potential.

That all of them are true.The powers-that-be think they can dig for the answer. By sending her to the Fifth Floor.

That’s a mistake.

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