This is something everyone who drives or is a passenger needs to know. Beforehand. Also, there are one or two tools that are useful to have on hand. Additionally, 80% of natural disasters are accompanied by flooding.

I was never fond of the water and didn’t learn how to swim until I was forced to as part of the ‘rock squad’ at West Point. Then, of course, my Special Forces A-Team was picked to attend the Royal Danish Navy Fromandkorpset school for combat swimming and became designated as a Maritime Operations Team. For some strange reason we never went to the Bahamas for our training. It was usually the North Sea or the Bering Strait in January. Where you learn dry suits aren’t.

When we lived on Whidbey Island, we commuted by the ferry. While people laugh at these signs, there are many cars that have gone down what the driver thought was a road at night but was actually a boat ramp. BE PREPARED. Be knowledgeable.

The slideshare below contains information and a video on how to escape a sinking car.