A heads up that Prepare Now-Survive Now, my condensed preparation/survival manual is free today, Monday 24 September! Given recent events this is a must have for everyone. The real key is preparation and to have what you need on hand before disaster strikes.

Becca the Labrarian continues to find great deals and when she came up with this one, I immediately bought it to read again as it’s a classic, #1 NYT bestseller. Highly recommended! Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.

I finished the draft of a first book in a new series that will feature Will Kane, an ex-SF veteran working as a fixer in New York City; I’ve started this series in the summer of 1977. The first book is tentatively titled New York Minute. It will be followed by Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door and then Walk on the Wild Side. I have to see what my agent wants to do with it and once I get an idea, I’ll update, but I’m suspecting it will be available in the latter stages of 2019. I’m very excited about these books as I’ve assembled a great cast of characters.

For those of you who like audio books, Audible has given me a landing page HERE. Also, there are free excerpts and short stories in audio available on my freebies page.

Hoping everyone is cooling off finally as we move into the fall.

Nothing but good times ahead!

Bob & Cool Gus & Becca the Labrarian