The title says it all. I’ve begun work on a new book in my classic Area 51 series. Readers have been asking for more since there are unanswered issues from the end of Area 51 The Truth. After all, Lisa Duncan is an immortal who crashed into Mars with the Grail. Also, there is the larger issue of the Swarm versus the Airlia Interstellar War and also the revolt of the humans, which spread here to Earth.

I’m finishing up St. Valentines Day (Time Patrol) as I re-read the Area 51 series and make notes and outline. I actually have an outline from when I finished Area 51 The Truth and sent proposals in for follow on books, but we decided to go with the prequels of Area 51 Legend and Nosferatu.

Let me know your thoughts on what you’d like to see in Resurrection; loose ends from the series you think need to be addressed. In essence, the story will be Turcotte rescuing Duncan, but nothing is ever easy!

As part of this, since I’ll be needing a new cover, I’m opening this up to anyone who’d like to give it a shot. If someone submits a cover I choose as the one to be used, I’ll pay a prize of $300, and, of course, will acknowledge the winner in the book and here on the blog. I’ve been looking at covers and I think a fresh approach is needed overall in the entire market. Of course, I’m not smart enough to figure it out on my own. My brain goes to words, not images. Since it doesn’t involve food, Cool Gus isn’t much help either. Deadline is the end of May for submissions.

The cover is for the eBook version, although it will be used in the print eventually. Thus it needs to pop in thumbnail. Any images used can’t be copyrighted by someone else. Size should be roughly 1,600 pixels wide by 2,400 pixels tall with 900 DPI. Should be jpg and no larger than 1mb. If there is a winner, something to consider is I’m looking at re-branding almost all my book covers– we’re talking over 70 titles. So this could turn into something big.

For Area 51, since it’s part of a series, the only one where I don’t control the earlier books, my name and the words Area 51 and Resurrection, need to be the same as the rest of the series in terms of font, color and placement. Other than that, it’s wide open.

What I’m envisioning is an image of Mars at the bottom with RESURRECTION across it, and then something lancing up into space above Mars. Of course, that would look a lot like The Truth’s cover. But my vision often gets over-ridden by someone else’s good idea. The covers above were done by 47North. The earlier ones below were the ones we had at Cool Gus. But I’m thinking, given the success of The Expanse and the scifi genre, that they’re not scifi enough?Here is a cover by itself.

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