Bob Mayer is the grandfather of two future leaders of the Resistance Against the Machines, a NY Times Bestselling author, graduate of West Point, former Green Beret and the feeder of two Yellow Labs, most famously Cool Gus. He’s had over 70 books published and sold over 4 million, including the #1 series Time Patrol, The Green Berets, Area 51, and Atlantis. Born in the Bronx, having traveled the world, he now lives peacefully with his wife and his overlord labs.

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Talk Tuesday: Best Book Series?

Writing a series is hard. After Area 51, I swore I'd never do another series where there was an arc bigger than one book. Ha! So much for promises to myself. Lord of the Rings comes to mind. 3 books, a lot of big stories culminating into one. Isaac Asimov's Foundation...

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