It’s pouring here in Knoxville. Cool Gus is a bit damp and has that unique wet dog smell. He’s carrying a small stuffed rabbit in his mouth in this picture– no harm done. He can carry an egg in his mouth and not break it. Very talented, he is. Last weekend visiting the kids, I advised my son he needs to talk to the grandsons like Yoda, with the key word at the end. Instead of “Don’t put that in your mouth, Haydn!” he needs to say “In your mouth, Haydn, don’t!” Because I think Haydn only hears the last word.

This is my new blog at, so if you were subscribed to writeritforward I’m going to try to figure out how to forward you to this, but otherwise if you want to subscribe you can start anew– I even figured out, with Cool Gus’ help, to put the widget for signing up to the right. And to celebrate I’m doing a special only on the blog and in my Facebook A-Team: a free bundle every Sunday for the next couple of months.

Today it’s Military Science Fiction 1 which consists of two books that predict the future of warfare in two directions: genetics and the power of the mind. If you’re a fan of The Expanse (damn good) or Legion you will like these.

Synbat is about splicing together the perfect soldier

Psychic Warrior is about using the mind, going into the virtual plane and re-assembling in the real world at a distant point. It’s based on a real program we had in Special Forces called Trojan Warrior. My team took all the tests. I’m okay. Really. I don’t have two stuffed rabbit ears sticking out of my mouth at least.

I’m wrapping up Valentines Day for publication on 13 May. Tomorrow I’ll be making an announcement on the book I am already working on– not part of the Time Patrol series but rather another series fans have been asking for. Also, I’ll be announcing a contest for those of you artistically inclined. No, Cool Gus doesn’t need his portrait done. Although here is what it might look like.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying their Sunday. Good thoughts to those who have to work today, especially those who do the jobs that make a difference in lives such as doctors, nurses, police, fire, military, dog owners, and others!

Nothing but good times ahead!